Oregon Country Fair opens for 2014

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      VENETA, Ore. - The Oregon Country Fair opened to the public for 3 days of music, food and fun in the woods near Veneta on Friday.

      "It's so much fun," said Susan Rhedmon. "I love to dress up, I love to connect with people, and there's all these different events and the energy here is amazing and wonderful. It's such a fun event."

      Rhedmon called the fair an "amazing like alternative reality that I wish always existed and that we can always tap into, but the fact that they do this every year for this amount of time is really a blessing."

      "We love the music, makes you want to get up and boogie and dance," Neta Prefontaine said. "I'm 72, and I still enjoy this."

      Rob Norman said the playful atmosphere makes you feel young.

      "It's good to be a kid in the upstairs part you know," he said, "and everyone becomes that way no matter what they feel like when they get here."