One of Spokane's first legal weed customers fired for pot use

      Even though it is legal to buy marijuana in Washington State, employers still have the right to fire their workers who use the drug.

      The man who was first in line when Green Leaf opened their doors in Spokane says he was later fired for buying and using pot.

      Mike Boyer lined up Tuesday night, almost a full day before you could buy pot from the new store in Spokane.

      A TV news crew followed Mike Boyer home on Wednesday to record him as he enjoyed his first smoke with a legal weed purchase.

      Boyer found out someone saw him on TV and complained to his employer, Labor Ready. His boss sent him a text message asking him to take a drug test.

      "As of 2:30 today, I am unemployed from that company," Boyer said in an interview Wednesday. "It's something we're going to need to figure out with this whole legalization, where's going to be the grey line."

      Mike Boyer told Newsweek he was offered his job back on Thursday.

      He told the paper that's because company policy only states that workers cannot be under the influence on the job. Boyer said he wasn't because he smoked on his day off.