ODOT getting road ready for Thursday's snowfall

      EUGENE, Ore. -- As another bout of freezing temperatures descends on the Willamette Valley, the Oregon Department of Transportation is already combating icy roadways by pre-treating some of the more dangerous bridges, curves and hills.

      Part of their strategy to keep the roads safe includes keeping a lot of sand and deicer handy, said department spokesman Rick Little.

      At the top of their priority list is Interstate 5. Beyond that, roads are cleared by order of necessity.

      "Not all highways are the same in terms of importance. What we try to do is we try to sand and plow all of the state highways in the area. Then we focus on the most critical ones for commuters, for the travel of commerce, and the high traffic volume," said Little.

      Crews will work around the clock to clear roads if any snow decides to descend on the Willamette Valley floor.

      Little said he hopes that drivers learned from the first cold blast in December and just stay home when the roads get bad.