Occupy Medical: 'We're seeing more working class families'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Occupy Medical has been on the streets since 2011, helping those in need with free healthcare services.

      The non-profit sets up near the Downtown Eugene park blocks each Sunday at noon.

      From Doctors and nurses to social workers and chiropractors, around 30 volunteers offer a plethora of free assistance to Eugene's homeless and low-income residents.

      Clinic Manager Sue Sierralupe says more people are seeking their help downtown as the weather improves.

      They see around 40 patients each week. Historically, she says, just under half of them have been homeless. That's something they feel the passage of the Affordable Care Act has changed.

      "Now we're seeing more working class families. People that have insurance but can't get access to their doctor because of extremely long waiting lists," Sierralupe explains.

      While the clinic's services and patients may have evolved over the course of three years, organizers tell us they'll continue their work as long possible.

      "If the community stops providing support, we'll know we're not needed anymore. So we just keep using the surplus that people have and medical has a lot of surplus," says Sierralupe.

      The volunteer hours and donated supplies make it all possible. If you'd like to give your time or service to the cause, you can visit the Occupy Medical website.