'Now this commitment is one that everyone is cheering'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Matt Friday and Bruce Carlson were the first couple in Lane County to marry after a judge's ruling struck down a decade-old voter-approved law preventing same-sex marriage.

      Friday and Carlson have been together for 28 years.

      "We're no different than anybody else," Carlson said. "We take out the garbage, mow the lawn, pay out bills, pay taxes. We do everything everybody else does. There's only one thing that's a little different, and everybody has something that's a little different."

      On Monday, the state allowed Carlson and Friday to legally marry.

      They joined others at a downtown eugene restaurant to exchange vows.

      Many ministers are celebrating the news.

      "Today justice has been served and all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, can be married, as it should be," said Rev. Melanie Oommen.

      To some, May 19 will pass with no significance.

      But to thousands it has become much more than a date.

      "We started early on with a commitment," Friday said, "and now this commitment is one that everyone is cheering. Do you know? That means a lot. Almost 30 years - that means a lot."