No word yet from police on investigation at missing woman's ex-boyfriend's home

      Tammy Borda

      COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Since police showed up at the Birch Street of the ex-boyfriend of a missing Beaverton woman, neighbors and friends have been hoping for the best but expecting the worse.

      "She was kind when you met her at the store," Lorene Clark said of Tammy Borda, missing since December 2. "You'd say hi to her, and she'd say hi back. She never did anything to anybody. She was outgoing and friendly."

      Friends and neighbors said Borda spent a lot of time in the Birch Street home where police established a crime scene late Tuesday night.

      They also say she had a relationship with the homeowner.

      Witnesses said the homeowner was escorted out of the house before the investigation began, but that does not mean an arrest has been made. Cottage Grove Police, Oregon State Police and the Lane County District Attorney have not commented publicly as of Wednesday night on the investigation.

      Investigators could be seen looking at a shed in the backyard, a silver car parked out front and the house itself.

      Even after the crime lab left, friends and neighbors remained in the area staring at the scene in wonder.

      Borda's own son arrived at the home Wendesday morning. Friends said police told him nothing.

      "She was a very good person," said Patricia Manning, who called herself Borda's best friend. "She did a lot for the community. She worked at community share for a few years."