No Refusal for DUI suspects on Fourth of July

      EUGENE, Ore. - Local police will be increasing patrols this weekend in an attempt to keep drunk drivers off the road.

      And this Fourth of July, if you refuse to take a breath alcohol test, you can plan on giving blood instead.

      "In Lane County, we're encountering an average of perhaps 1,000 people per year who are driving under the influence," said Amy Seely with the Lane County District Attorney's Office, "and large numbers are refusing to provide a breath sample."

      To address this problem, a no refusal program will be carried out on July 4 in Lane County, Eugene and Springfield with the help of Oregon State Police.

      "If someone is contacted, suspected of being under the influence and the officer develops probable cause that they were operating their vehicle while under the influence, the officer will be filling out a search warrant," Seely said. "That search warrant will be submitted to a judge for review."

      Two prosecutors, a judge and a phlebotomist will be on-call during the holiday to handle such cases.

      But officials hope by getting the word out on the no refusal program, people will think before getting behind the wheel.