'Most folks with developmental disabilities want to have some sort of gainful employment'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- There are over 400 developmentally disabled people with jobs in Lane County.

      Officials with the county's Developmental Disabilities Services program said those jobs give capable people a chance to learn new skills, make friends and financially support themselves.

      "We work with service providers, businesses and other agencies that assist us with finding folks positions in the community," said Andrea Muzikant of Developmental Disabilities Services.

      Vickie Anderson is one of those helped by the county program. She told our reporters that her developmental disability prevented her from finding stable work for years.

      The county program helped her land a job at Eugene Water and Electric Board performing clerical work and handling mail, something she's been doing for the past decade.

      "I like it a lot. It keeps me busy during the day," Anderson said.

      Muzikant said that Anderson's success in her workplace represents what the program set out to do.

      "Most folks with developmental disabilities want to have some sort of gainful employment or some sort of activity that makes them feel good," said Musikant.

      After reviewing candidates' skills and interests, the county partners with local agencies and businesses to place them.

      Vickie Anderson tells us she looks forward to going to work everyday, joking about her most important responsibility.

      "Keeping everybody in line. Pretty much, I'm good at that," said Anderson, "(I) tell them to get back to work. No slacking."