Mom: Babysitter gave my kids melatonin to make them sleep

      SWEET HOME, Ore. - Brittany Coughran got off work early one day and went to pick up her kids from their nanny.

      When she arrived, she found them laying down.

      She said the moment she put them in the car she knew something was wrong.

      Three-year-old Colton and 5-year old Evi seemed lethargic and out of it, she said.

      Once they were home, the two kids plopped on the bed. Brittany said that's when she confronted her children.

      "I asked her, 'Evi, what's the matter?' She said, 'Well the babysitter gave me some candy to help fall asleep'," Coughran said.

      Coughran started having the babysitter watch her kids about 3 months ago. She now believes the babysitter was giving the kids Melatonin, a hormone which helps regulate sleep cycles.

      When shown a bottle of melatonin Wednesday, Colton said, "My medicine. That candy. I have one."

      And the children's grandmother said the kids now see medicine bottles and think it's candy.

      Coughran asked police to investigate, but they said there's not much they can do. Melatonin isn't a controlled substance, and the babysitter didn't have any criminal intent, police said.

      This is a developing story. This story will be updated