Man with felony meth charges released: 'We now file approximately 25 percent of our total felony volume'

      JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- An alleged methamphetamine dealer was among six people sent to jail after a Junction City Police drug bust on Friday. Officials said the man, Troy Malpass, was released later that day even though he faces felony charges for possession and distribution of meth.

      Malpass was released from the Lane County Jail later that evening.

      According to pretrial services for the jail, the agreement is an option for suspects past and determining whether or not they're a risk to the community.

      "It's frustrating. It's not the fault of the sheriffs or the fault of the deputies. It's just the system that we have right now," said Mike Bonner of Junction City Police.

      It remains to be seen whether or not Malpass will be prosecuted. If his charges are dropped, Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner said wouldn't be the first time a case such as this didn't see a courtroom.

      Gardener said underfunding and a lack of staff leaves Lane County in a bad situation.

      "At this point we now file approximately 25 percent of our total felony volume. That's a big chunk. Those are viable felony cases that we aren't prosecuting because we don't have the bodies," said Gardener, "We may have a homicide, two rapes, a sex abuse, a burglary, a bank robbery, 9 possessions, two car thefts."

      Those at the bottom of the pile are the non-violent drug offenses, Gardner said, adding that it leaves police chasing some of the same bad guys over and over again.