Man found dead in Canby crash; police believe he was murdered

      CANBY, Ore. - Police said a man who was found dead inside a car that crashed into a tree in a Canby park had been shot.

      Canby police chief Bret Smith said citizens on the scene were attempting CPR when police arrived at the crash at Locust City Park just after 5 a.m.

      Christopher Preli, a trained EMT and Army veteran, was one of the people who ran to help.

      "In retrospect it was a little scary. It certainly could have gone the other way. I just tried to do what I could do," Preli said.

      Paramedics arrived soon after, and determined 43-year-old Edward Kelly Spangler of Grants Pass was dead.

      At first, police believed the man had died from the impact of the crash. But there had been reports of gunshots earlier in Canby, and police found that the man had been shot.

      The man was the only person in the car.

      Smith says police have collected a lot of evidence at the scene, but hasn't released any suspect information.

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