Lost 10% of your income? You might qualify for mortgage help

      SALEM, Ore. - The Home Rescue Program begins today for Oregon residents struggling to make housing payments.

      The program was available in rural area; now all Oregonians are eligible to apply, said Karen Saxe of the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation.

      "This program is great in the fact that you don't have to be facing foreclosure or delinquent on your payments," she said. "It's just for people struggling to make a payment."

      The program is funded by the United States Treasury.

      It will provide a year of mortgage payments - up to $20,000, and as much as $10,000 for back payments - to those in need.

      Oregon Housing and Community Services is accepting applications starting August 28 at noon.

      Applicants must demonstrate a 10 percent loss in current income, among meeting other financial eligibility requirements.

      The Home Rescue Program budget is $30 million.

      People will be allowed to apply online for assistance every two weeks on Wednesdays at noon until funds run out.

      The last cycle, which accepted 100 applications statewide, included 44 individuals from Lane County.

      One local resident, Denise Cass, woke up early and took a trip to the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation to make sure her application was accepted.

      "The biggest thing I encountered and what I'm hearing from other people is if you're night right there when it opens up, your window is closed, and you're done. I got in today; I almost cried!" she said.

      Officials are hoping the program can aid 2,500 Oregonians.

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