Lost & Found: 'I couldn't have gone another day'

      CRESWELL, Ore. - Eugene Lanz went to take a few photographs on Sunday when something went wrong.

      "I got my car stuck in the snow," the 73-year-old said.

      Lanz called 911 on Monday to say he was on a lonely, remote road and needed help.

      But before he could say where he was, his phone cut out.

      He was stuck and alone.

      "All I had in the line of food was four mints," he said.

      Authorities combed the area where they thought he was, to no avail.

      The 20-mile trek to safety was long and arduous, especially for a diabetic in his 70s.

      "So I said a little prayer, and I asked that a car would come along that would stop," Lanz said. "I got down to a little bridge at the end of this road, and I sat down on the end of it and I sat there for about five minutes, and this car came around the curve."

      That passing motorist took him to the first house they came across.

      "Bless their hearts, they took one look at me and said, 'You come in.' They sat me down, they fixed me breakfast, they made me coffee, and I drank a couple glasses of water," he said.

      Even though his ordeal ended well, Lanz knew it could have been much worse.

      "Tuesday was the limit," he said. "I couldn't have gone another day."