Local video game company celebrates 15 years: 'We have clients all over the world'

      EUGENE, Ore. - The multitude of software companies in the Willamette Valley make up what is called the Silicon Shire. Together they create many of the hot video game titles for consoles used around the world.

      Pipeworks, a member of the Silicone Shire, is now celebrating 15 years in the software industry.

      What started a decade and a half ago as a small group of programmers has grown into a company employing nearly 50 people.

      The first game from Pipeworks was Godzilla, released for the original PlayStation console. Now they produce a multitude of games that span a plethora of consoles.

      "A lot of people have no idea where their video games come from," said Lindsay Gupton, an employee of Pipeworks. "A lot of times - in the case of the creators - our names are on the back of the product, not on the front. It's not always on people's minds where they're made. We have clients all over the world."

      Pipeworks gave our reporters a preview of a few of games it expects to release this year. They are working on a World Series of Poker game as well as a Dancing With The Stars title.

      Silicon Shire companies employ over 300 people in Eugene and Springfield.