Local artist wins Josh Groban tour poster contest

      EUGENE, Ore. -- A local artist and University of Oregon student says she was shocked to find out that National singer Josh Groban picked her design for his latest tour poster.

      After spending most of her life drawing and painting, UO senior Sarah Richards' work will soon be getting some international exposure as her contest entry won a poster design competition for Groban's next big tour.

      "I started listening to him when I was 14 and so I made this poster and I entered it, not really thinking anything of it," Richards said of her design contest entry.

      Sarah said she had put the poster contest out of her mind, until she checked back on Groban's website on a whim to see the winning poster. She found out that there were two winners: the people's choice, and Groban's personal favorite

      "I was like 'Oh, I'll go see who the winner is' and it was me!," said Richards. "I was happy for the people's choice winner, because that's pretty cool but I mean, Josh Groban picked mine. So that's pretty cool too."

      Sarah's poster is now the official poster for Groban's North American Tour, and she says it's already on social media viewed the world over.

      Richards said she's honored to have her work recognized by someone whose own art she respects so much.

      With this win under her belt, Sarah hopes to someday have her work in galleries around the world.