Lego robotics team to compete at state championships

      EUGENE, Ore. - Students from Kennedy Middle School are gearing up for a Lego robotics competition this weekend.

      They had to come up with a multi-faceted project, including an invention to help in a natural disaster.

      Their investion: Ash Away, a cover on your roof to make sure it doesn't collapse after it's coated with ash from a volcanic eruption.

      One of the participant's great grandmother had her roof destroyed when Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980.

      Another aspect of the competion is building a Lego robot that had to complete certain tasks: saving a Lego man; picking up some Lego animals; and sending a Lego plane down a wire.

      Teacher Nancy Vrijmoet said this is the school's first team to make it to state championships. They're competing in Hillsboro on Sunday.