LED fixtures to shed light on Eugene's downtown scene

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      EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene's downtown blocks are about to be brighter, as a new project is expected to bring 44 LED fixtures to shed some light on the night life.

      The fixtures were funded by Downtown Eugene, Inc., and will come on with the street lights at night. The prototype for the project is already in place at the corner of Broadway and Willamette.

      David Hauser of Downtown Eugene, Inc. says these lights will help keep the downtown scene alive.

      "We think making downtown brighter and more festive year round and at night will make it feel safer and more welcoming to customers and businesses," said Hauser.

      Downtown Eugene, Inc., an association made up of property and business owners in the city's center, will be covering the $100,000 bill for the project. They hope to have the project complete by the end of this year.

      Light Beam Industries of Eugene will be manufacturing the fixtures.