Lab gear used to make explosive sound at Cottage Grove school

      COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Students used lab equipment to create an explosive sound in the cafeteria at Cottage Grove High School on Monday.

      No one was injured.

      Cottage Grove High School Principal Iton Udosenata said that the investigation is still in progress, and the district has taken disciplinary action against the students.

      Udosenata said the sound of an explosion came from a firing piston that is meant to help students create a fire in science and vocational training class.

      The two students, who are not being identified, allegedly took the piston out of a shop class room without permission and set it off in the cafeteria, Udosenata said.

      "We were never in lockdown, and no one was injured," said Udosenata. "This is a misuse of class equipment that we are continuing to look in to."

      He described the explosion as being similar to the misuse of a Bunsen burner. He said the students were attempting to impress some students while scaring others.

      Police did respond and are investigating the incident.

      Rumors had circulated in the Cottage Grove community that students detonated a pipe bomb. School and police officials said those stories are not true.

      "There was never any pipe bomb," Commander Scott Shepard with Cottage Grove Police Department said.