'Just firing one big boss isn't going to solve the problem at all the local VA hospitals'

      EUGENE, Ore. - President Barack Obama accepted VA Secretary Eric Shinseki's resignation on Friday.

      "The VA needs new leadership," the president said. "He does not want to be a distraction priorty, because his priority is to fix the problem and make sure our vets get the care that they need."

      VA hospitals across the nation have been getting backlash for delaying care.

      Jesse Sankokirchen has a rare form of blood cancer. He said the lack of response for his followups at the VA caused him to have an increase in damage to his right lung.

      "There's one example where I was supposed to get test results back in 2 weeks and it'd end up being about 12 weeks before the test results were back and I ended up making 3 trips back and forth to Portland that I didn't have to just because no one would call me and tell me the test results weren't back in," he said.

      Other veterans shared similar stories on the KMTR Facebook page.

      Veterans who spoke to KMTR said that with Shinseki resigning, it may be a start, but they're certainly not close to fixing the problem.

      "I think whatever they to fix this they need to put a system in for accountability at like the local offices. Just firing one big boss isn't going to solve the problem at all the local VA hospitals," Sankokirchen said.

      And there's a lot of work that still needs to be done.

      "Difficult for his succcessor to accomplish the type of reform the public wants," said James Walsh with the American Legion in Eugene. "That's because of the type of union contracts that have been negotiated, the VA has become more concerned with serving its employee then serving the veterans."

      Walsh hopes Congress will look at giving the VA more flexibility in providing care.

      "VA in Roseburg actually shut down their ER and ICU because they had an inability to care for chronically sick veterans," he said. "They had people dying at the Roseburg clinic, so they sent them to public sector hospitals."

      Rep. Peter DeFazio said Congress must do more.

      "Vets shouldn't have to fight, they shouldn't have to wait in line," he said. "We can do better."