Judge delays sentencing for Eugene man accused of threatening care facility

      EUGENE, Ore. - A Eugene was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday morning on federal charges stemming from an incident that took place last January.

      Scott Alan Gorman, 45, was on probation for an unrelated incident when police say he threatened a local adult care facility in January 2013.

      According to Gorman's sister, the suspect was concerned about the care his wife was receiving at the home.

      Authorities investigating the allegations found an AR-15 and other firearms at Gorman's Eugene home.

      While incarcerated for being a felon in possession of firearms, Gorman is accused of assaulting a corrections officer.

      Gorman has yet to be arraigned on those state charges.

      However, federal Judge Ann Aiken postponed federal sentencing for weapons possession, asking both state and federal authorities to resolve their cases together and make a joint sentencing recommendation.

      Gorman's attorney, John Kolego, said the move will benefit his client.

      "He is someone who has some mental health problems as result of a physical injury. What the judge strongly suggested is we explore some resolution that will resolve both these matters and get Mr. Gorman the help he needs," Kolego said.

      Representatives from the adult care facility were not present, which Aiken said was "disappointing."

      Aiken told Mr. Gorman his actions were unacceptable, but that she understands the frustration.

      "It troubles me the facility put money towards a guard instead of trying to resolve the issue through communication," she said in court.