'It's been pretty cold, but all my blankets keep me warm'

      EUGENE, Ore. Debra Schwarz has been stuck living out of a tent since last week's snow storm.

      The Texan returns to her home state of Oregon periodically to sell blankets.

      Normally, she is able to stay with relatives outside of Eugene.

      However, last Thursday, her truck broke down along West 11th Avenue.

      Weather conditions prevented her from lodging with her brother or nephew after she was forced to leave her car at a west Eugene auto shop.

      In a bind, she asked the owner of Big's Christmas Trees if she could stay on the land they currently occupy, while waiting for her transmission to be replaced.

      They obliged.

      Schwarz and her dog, Lucky, set up shop on the property, and furnishing the crude tent with a gas heater and plenty of blankets.

      She hopes blanket sales will fund her car repairs and allow her to return to Texas.

      But in the meantime, she is thankful for what she does have.

      "It's been pretty cold, but all my blankets keep me warm," Schwarz says.