'It just doesn't add up, that someone should have been shot in the incidence'

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Police arrested Gerald Roy Strebendt Thursday night for the murder of 53 year-old David Crofut on January 29.

      Strebendt claimed self-defense in the shooting death of David Paul Crofut, 53, after a minor traffic accident at South 57th and Bob Straub Parkway in Springfield on Wednesday, January 29.

      Springfield Police Sgt. David Lewis said Strebendt's arrest stemmed from discrepancies between his account to 911 dispatchers and multiple witness testimonies.

      "It just doesn't add up, that someone should have been shot in the incidence," said Sgt. Lewis. "When we were notified about the indictment and the warrant, we actually when out looking for him."

      Police found Strebent, pulled over the vehicle he was in and made the arrest without any issues.

      Investigators said they are still trying to piece together exactly what happened the night of Jan. 29, trying to find out whether Strebent's claims of self-defense were justified.

      "It was has to be in the law and it has to be reasonable, and people's interpretation of that is sometimes different," said Sgt. Lewis.

      Strebendt pled not guilty to murder. Our news reporters reached out to his attorney for comment, however they declined to make a statement at this time.

      No court dates have been set, however the judge overseeing this case says they should be set within the next few weeks.

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