Investigations under way into accusations made by ex-husband of ousted county administrator

      EUGENE, Ore. - The former husband of the ousted county administrator leveled accusations against her in a series of emails last month, prompting a police internal investigation and a call for a review of county procedures.

      Mark Richardson sent an email two weeks ago to city officials making several accusations against his ex-wife, former county administrator Liane Richardson.

      In the email, he alleges his wife and a Eugene police officer were having an affair.

      He accuses the pair of using work time and resources to further their romance, even attending a FEMA training together in Alabama.

      Melinda McLaughlin of the Eugene Police Department says police supervisors often attend FEMA workshops, as the accused officer did.

      Further, according to the correspondence, Richardson appointed the law enforcement officer to the Deferred Compensation Committee.

      This group handled county investments.

      According to minutes taken from the committee's meetings, the officer was rarely, if ever, involved in guiding decisions.

      While the status of the relationship remains unknown, county officials confirmed a police officer was appointed to the advisory board.

      In an email responding to the city and her ex-husband, Liane Richardson explained the appointment by saying the group needed "an outside perspective."

      Pat Farr says that historically, the administrator has been responsible for these appointments since these groups advise the administrator but do not determine policy.

      In light of the accusation, Farr believes some of the group's work may warrant a second look.

      "The appointments of this type for internal work groups are of the privy of the administrator. But that being said, on a financial or fiduciary committee such as this, it probably does make a great deal of sense that the Board's Finance and Audit Committee might take a look at it," Farr said.

      The Eugene Police Department has launched an internal investigation.