Ink For Autism: 'I'm so excited to help participate'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- The second Ink For Autism fundraiser runs through this weekend, turning part of the money spent on a tattoo session into cash for a non-profit group that provides communication tools for the families of alter-abled children

      Local tattoo artists are donating a quarter of their shop totals for inking up customers through the weekend to the A-Team Justice League. The non-profit organization works to advocate for the alter-abled while also providing support and resources for families in the local community.

      The A-Team Justice League also provides adequate tools and technologies that help alter-abled people communicate with others.

      "It's frustrating to not be able to communicate with your mom, dad, your siblings and your friends and your teachers," said Suzen Tattoozen, the co-owner of the Whiteaker Tattoo Collective, "So that moment to be able to really communicate and have that break through ... I mean it gives me goosebumps, and I'm so excited to help participate."

      Lisa Bissonette said she was getting a tattoo of a puzzle piece, the symbol of Autism Spectrum Disorder, on her forearm Saturday because she hopes to spread awareness of something that has affected her son.

      "I wanted to get a puzzle piece tattoo in a relatively visible place... because I want people to ask," Bissonette said. "The more the public knows, the better able he will function in the community. When people are more understanding and aware."

      People looking to support the non-profit's busiest fundraising weekend can also compete in Blair Alley Arcade's Flip-Switch Pinball Tournament Sunday evening.