Independent video stores survive as big chains die

      EUGENE, Ore. "Titanic," "Ladder 49 "and even classics like "Driving Miss Daisy": It's highly unlikely you will find movies like these in your local Redbox, and local independent video stores say that is what is keeping them in business.

      With the end of mega-rental chain Blockbuster Video, and the earlier departure of Hollywood Video, local independent video stores have found a way to survive by doing something they did while they had corporate competition: Renting classic videos and seasons of hit television shows.

      Abraxas Video in Cottage Grove and Video Revelations in Junction City told NewsSource 16 that they have been able to beat the competition by being a reliable last resort for consumers. With the holidays coming up, they said they are prepared with multiple copies of family favorites like "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and Tim Allen's "The Santa Clause."

      Those videos in previous years have not been in the Redbox. The stores said they're the ones people have gone to when they can't find a copy.

      Some of the final sales at the former Blockbuster store on Willamette Avenue in Eugene actually went to local video stores, from the DVDs themselves right down to the shelving units.