'I'm really hoping we get good snow on the mountains!'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Forecasters say a blast of Arctic air moving across Oregon and Washington is expected to drop plenty of flurries in the higher elevations. The snow forecast is bringing eager winter weather athletes out to their local pro shops in droves.

      "It's getting everybody excited. It's just like a race is getting ready to start, we're getting everybody to the start line, and here we go," said Dale Berg, owner of Berg's Snow and Ski Shop in Eugene.

      As ski resorts start to see their first big accumulations of the white stuff, stores that deal with that type of gear are starting to see a little more green.

      "People have been kind of dribbling in, but now they're getting kind of excited, 'hey we're going to go next week!" said Berg.

      But every bit of business, from gloves to goggles, helps Berg's jump into a busy selling season. Beyond sales, Berg says the infectious excitement of his customers has spread, and he too is eagerly awaiting the winter blast.

      "I'm really stoked, I'm really hoping we get good snow on the mountains! A good dusting, we need it," said skier Melissa Pope.

      The first ski bus of the season is taking off from Berg's next Saturday. If you're interested, dale says you've got to book your spot on the bus before this weekend.