'I'll have 10 boxes come in but no check along with it to ship'

      ALBANY, Ore. - The local branch of Connecticut-based Give2TheTroops still has plenty of donations, even after shipping packages to 40,000 troops overseas since 2009.

      "Some of them feel forgotten," volunteer Diana Clark said of the care packages to troops. "They don't have family members who send mail to them, so I mean they are serving us in what they're doing, I feel like we should serve them as well."

      "I can't imagine being 18 or 19 years old in some foreign country and maybe away for the very first time and never hearing any word of encouragement from the States," branch director Sharon Crary said.

      What the Albany branch lacks, however, is the money to continue the shipments of DVDs, toiletries and Chuck Norris t-shirts.

      "We're so overwhelmed with certain items," Crary said. "I'll have 10 boxes come in but no check along with it to ship.

      Crary said it costs $2 a pound to ship donations to troops overseas.

      Cash donations have only been running about half of what is needed to make the shipments.

      Give2TheTroops will clearing out its Albay warehouse and finish up a few projects by the end of April.

      Donations can still be sent to Give2thetroops, Inc., 1275 Cromwell Ave., Shunpike Business Center, Bldg E-5, Rocky Hill, CT 06067. You can contact Crary at for more information on how to donate.