'If we ask these questions, we're going to find quite a lot of violence on this campus'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Three local researchers say they've designed a way to accurately measure the problem of sexual violence on college campuses but they're not getting support from their institution.

      Federal officials have been pushing school's to assess sexual violence on their campuses.

      Carly Smith created a survey to do just that, alongside two colleagues from the University of Oregon's psychology department.

      "Our survey that we designed follows the White House recommendations very closely understanding both the demographics of students but also their experiences of sexual violence," said Smith, a doctoral candidate.

      One of the researchers involved in the project is Professor Jennifer Freyd, an expert on sexual violence who recently shared her knowledge with lawmakers in washington.

      The proposal asked University for funding as well as the email addresses of a thousand randomly selected students.

      The school refused. No one from the University responded to requests for comment on the issue Wednesday.

      "We suspect, and I think they do as well. that if we ask these questions, we're going to find quite a lot of violence on this campus," Smith said.

      Students who spoke to NewsSource 16 said a survey would at least open up dialogue on the subject.

      "I think that whatever information we can get is better than no information, so I don't see why we wouldn't do it," said Anna Post.

      "With all the cases that have been coming up recently, I mean, the more we try to avoid it, the bigger problem it might become," said Amanda Butt.

      The team that designed the survey said the school's lack of support will not stop their efforts. Researchers said other entities have already pledged their support for the project.