'I felt the house shake. I thought we were having a minor earthquake'

      NOTI, Ore. - The fence at Mike Montgomery's place used to extend all the way to the power pole.

      Then a log truck crashed, dumping timber in his front yard.

      "I was in the front room waiting for a phone call," Montgomery said. "I felt the house shake and at first I thought we were having a minor earthquake."

      "There was a log truck in the road and logs all the way up to our front porch."

      The crash broke a power pole.

      "The top was broke so they had to replace it," Montgomery said. "We lost power, and it was a stretch about 300 feet of our frontage."

      "There's some history associated with this part of the highway," Rick Little with the Oregon DOT said. "If you recall back to the early 1990' there was a major project that changed the alignment of the highway that went up and over what we call the Noti Hills by passing the town of Noti.

      "That project stopped just short of these curves," Little said.

      State highway staff have looked into developing a proposal to change that curvy area, but there were some significant obstacles involving the environment and cost.

      The state may take another look - but the next round of funding for highway projects looks ahead to 2017-2020.

      Such improvements compete with other projects for fudning.