Howard Elementary students thrill their school with spooky dance

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Students at Howard Elementary got in the Halloween spirit Thursday by adding a thrilling tradition to their costume parade.

      P.E. teacher Rachel Farkas and her students not only put their costumes on display this afternoon, but had a chance to thrill students at the school with their moves.

      The fourth and fifth graders participated in a flash mob based on Michael Jackson's 1980's smash hit "Thriller."

      "This year we just thought we'd add a Thrill The World, since it's going around all over and Eugene is real big on the Thrill The World piece. I asked 4th and 5th graders, hey you want to start to learn the thriller dance," said Farkas.

      Even Dr. Shelley Berman, the Eugene 4-J School District Superintendent, got into the performance.

      Farkas said she used the dance as a warm-up for classes, and students grew to really enjoy it. Students had been working on the choreography for over two weeks.