Hours to be cut at Lorane Post Office

      LORANE, Ore. - The A-frame on Territorial Highway isn't very big, but the Post Office inside is of keen interest to residents south of Eugene.

      "There are so many services that you couldn't get any other way than to go to the Lorane Post Office or to one that is at least 13 miles away if not more," said Barbara Dare, who lives in the unincorporated rural area.

      The Lorane office was proposed for closure by the U.S. Postal Service.

      Residents met with officials Wednesday night and got some good news - and some bad news.

      "We are not scheduling to close this office," said Anthony Spina-Denson with USPS.

      But the Lorane Post Office and others like it will see a reduction in customer service hours.

      "This establishes, depending on the mail volume and certain level, offices - depending on the workload - as a 2, 4 or 6-hour office," Spina-Denson said of the new plan.

      Lorane residents saud they are concerned about medications not being picked up in time and impacts to small and home-based businesses.

      "Nobody wants to lose their post office," Dare, "and we're afraid that once they cut the hours, they'll later cut the Post Office."