Hope Abbey Mausoleum celebrates centennial on Memorial Day Weekend: 'To remember anybody that died in service to our country'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- The Masonic Cemetery in South Eugene is home to the Hope Abbey Mausoleum, a magnificent landmark that's seen a century of the city's history.

      The University of Oregon's first dean of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts designed the mausoleum, which was built in 1914.

      The 100-year-old Hope Abbey Mausoleum went through a rigorous restoration process in preparation for the momentous occasion.

      "The mausoleum was completely abandoned and vandalized for a long time, and an association was formed to bring it back," said caretaker Sally Dietrich, "We just want to celebrate that it's up and running again and actually a functioning mausoleum."

      Caretakers see the centennial as a way to also pay tribute to those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

      "(While at) University of Oregon I was drafted in the army and served in Vietnam for one year," said South Eugene native and Vietnam Veteran Adrian Vaaler. "I lost four friends from South Eugene High - three from my class and one from another class."

      Vaaler spends each Memorial Day playing Taps at ceremonies around Eugene.

      "I remember them every time I play, and of course I want to remember anybody that died in service to our country," said Vaaler.

      On Saturday, Vaaler played the military funeral piece at Hope Abbey Mausoleum. | List of Hope Abbey centennial events