Hop Valley expands production, plans distribution to Seattle and Boise

      EUGENE, Ore. - Hop Valley Brewing is expanding again to meet the growing demand for its beers.

      Four production tanks were delivered to the brewery in the Whiteaker neighborhood this morning.

      The containers will allow Hop Valley to make an additional 20,000 gallons of beer on site.

      The company said this is the first step to growing into a regional brand with distribution into the Boise and Seattle markets.

      "It just allows us to keep brewing more and more and more," said Charles Hare with Hop Valley Brewing. "We've been real successful throughout the state of Oregon and down into northern California, and we're anticipating the same kind of growth into Washington and Idaho."

      In October, five larger tanks will also be added, increasing the company's production capacity by 75 percent.

      The company also expects to add 20 more jobs before the year's end.