Honorary captain throws out first pitch: 'He's kind of the lucky charm'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- Colby Baker has been looking forward to Sunday's Ducks vs. Utes ball game at PK Park for quite some time.

      "Colby loves the Ducks and we love baseball," said his father, Tom Baker, "So putting the two together and having him throw the first pitch? A dream come true."

      The Oregon Baseball Team invited Colby to be their team captain for the day and throw out the first pitch Sunday in a series-ender against Utah.

      20-year-old Colby, who has Down syndrome, is an athlete in his own right. He's brought home over 50 medals competing as a Special Olympian - 23 of which were gold.

      "His mom passed away November, 2012. Last year, in honor of her, he bowled for the Special Olympics. He'd never bowled before and he won the gold medal," Tom Baker said.

      "When the police officer put the gold medal around his neck he said 'This one's for you, mom'."

      As a fan of all kinds of athletics, Colby loves helping his favorite teams to victory. Tom said his son was invited to be an assistant coach at the Roseburg High School's wrestling team.

      "Three days later he went to his first U of O Ducks Basketball game and they knocked off Arizona State. This past week he went to his first Blazers game and they won in overtime. So he's kind of the lucky charm," Baker said of his son.

      That theory held true Sunday as Oregon pulled off a 3-1 victory over Utah, with Colby rooting from behind home plate.

      "Our decision when Colby was born was we were going to treat him just like anybody else," said Tom, "He was going to have the opportunity to do things, and if he failed we help him up and then we do something else."