Heating on cold nights could cause carbon monoxide danger

      EUGENE, Ore. -- It's expected to be a cold night and many people will be turning up their heaters.

      Depending on what type of heater you have, you may want to get a carbon monoxide detector.

      Heaters and stoves that burn gas and wood will naturally give off carbon monoxide when burning. Too much of that gas has been known to kill people whether they're awake or asleep.

      The gas is invisible and odorless, however Sally Markos with the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency said a carbon monoxide detector can detect its presence.

      "It's very easy to make a mistake when you're heating with an un-vented heater or space heater in a small space," said Markos.

      She added that you can also slightly crack a window to allow carbon monoxide to escape. Leaving doors inside the home open to allow the air to flow through out the house can also cut down on CO concentration in one room.