Healthy Moves wins Nike grant

      EUGENE, Ore. - A local non-profit is the big winner after a challenge by Nike to get more people active.

      The sports apparel giant initially gave Healthy Moves $25,000 to expand its mission.
      Nike promised another $25,000 if enough people started using the free Nike Plus apps and collectively logged enough miles by the end of April.

      Healthy Moves supporters knocked that goal out of the park, quadrupling the target mileage.

      The Healthy Moves program brings personal trainers into local elementary schools for seven weeks to show kids and teachers new and fun ways to get moving.

      And getting kids active also helps in the classroom.

      "There's studies that if kids are more active, their academic scores are going to go up," Denise Thomas-Morrow. "So we know their focus and participation and focus in classrooms is going to go up. We also know that if a child is able to run, play jump, their motivation, their emotions are going to be more positive."

      The additional money will allow the Healthy Moves program to hire more trainers and branch out to more schools in Lane County.