Hands-free laws apply to using GPS & map apps on your phone

      EUGENE, Ore. -- We all know that texting or answering a phone call while driving is illegal, but what about using your phone's maps or GPS services?

      On Thursday, judges in California found that it was OK for drivers in their state to use their phone as a GPS while on the road.

      California may have similar hands-free laws as Oregon, but using a mobile device while driving is still illegal in our state.

      Police officials say it doesn't matter if you're stopped at a red light or driving down the freeway, you can be fined $160 if you are caught using your cell phone - be it for a call or checking a map. Officials say the same rules apply for people driving while programming their GPS unit.

      That didn't seem to surprise some people our news team spoke with Friday. Most say drivers should never have a phone in their hands while behind he wheel.

      Whether people are talking on their phone or finding out where to go, the Eugene Police Department is looking out for drivers using cell phones. Officers orchestrated a patrol for hands-free offenses Wednesday at the Valley River Center, citing 45 people for operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile communication device.