Hall Of Honor welcomes those 'that have done so much'

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Six local military heroes received some well deserved-recognition Sunday for going above and beyond the call of duty while serving in the 162 infantry regiment.

      One of those recognized at the Oregon National Guard's fourth annual Hall Of Honor ceremony was Staff Sgt. Hambright, who said he was honored to work alongside men and women who were "brave, intelligent, and selfless".

      While the ceremony celebrated the achievements of some officers, Major Scott Caughran says some of those in attendance will be part of the 400 Oregon soldiers deployed to Afghanistan next summer.

      "It's good for them to see these guys that have done so much in the past to realize they can be one of those guys," said Caughran. "They just need to stay with it and work hard and do what the military asks of them and what the country asks of them."

      The group being deployed will be dealing with security-related missions, and Maj. Caughran said they're expected to be overseas for a year.