Group may sue county over Emerald Meadows events

      EUGENE, Ore. - The concert venue on county land near Mount Pisgah has earned the parks department money - and attracted the ire of neighbors.

      Bob Emmons of Lane County Land Watch and former Congressman Jim Weaver want Lane County to halt using Emerald Meadows in Howard Buford Park for concerts.

      Weaver called Buford Park, which contains Mount Pisgah and an arboretum of the same name, a "precious jewel that should not be turned into a playground."

      Emmons said he doesn't think the county is following state law regarding mass gatherings. He said state law kicks in when events or concerts top 3,000 people in attendance, limiting such gatherings to once every 3 months.

      The men said that could be grounds for a lawsuit.

      But Emmons said his group wants to give county more time to come to the table and talk this out before a lawsuit is filed. He didn't specify a timeline.

      Mike Russell, director of Lane County's parks department, said he could not comment on issues that could be part of litigation in the future. He did say the county has met all the permit requirements for Emerald Meadows events.