Green garbage trucks: 'They're quieter than a traditional diesel'

      CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Republic Services, a trash and recycling company based out of Corvallis, is making more earth friendly choices while handling pick-ups throughout Linn and Benton counties by adding trucks fueled by compressed natural gas.

      The company said they're happy to add the compressed natural gas trucks because of the numerous benefits over diesel.

      With CNG the garbage trucks release half the emissions and don't pose the risk of a fuel spill, said Julie Jackson of Republic Services.

      "They're quieter than a traditional diesel truck. So when we're out in the neighborhoods, we're going to be making less noise. And not only is that a benefit for our customers out there, but it's a better job for our drivers," Jackson added.

      The company will have to build a natural gas fueling station, since none currently exist in the area. Republic Services hopes to have fifteen trucks road ready by January.