Got one of these? Bet your car hasn't been stolen

      EUGENE, Ore. - More than 1,000 people reported having their car stolen in Eugene over the last two years.

      None of them were using the Club anti-theft device, said Debbie Janeck with the Eugene Police Department.

      Police are making the devices available at the wholesale price of $12.50 to help combat car theft in Lane County.

      Janecek said car owners can think of theft prevention in layers.

      For starters, don't leave valuables visible in your car - and don't leave your car unlocked.

      During the winter months, some motorists will leave their cars running to warm up. That could be an invitation to theft.

      Eugene Police also offer the Combat Auto Theft program.

      The logo indicates to police that the car shouldn't be out and about at night.

      More information on car theft from the Eugene Police department