Getting ready to grill: 'Most burners can last five to eight years'

      For year-round grillers like the Pettinga family, it is important to get the grill professionally cleaned and inspected annually.

      "The gas grill that's here belonged to the former owners," said Deidra Patinga, taking the lid off the family's grill, "We've been here 12 years they were here maybe five years before that so that grill is going on 20 years old and we are keeping it like new."

      With proper maintenance and care, your grill appliance can give you years of great use. Specialist Aaron Nelson said a common problem he sees is clogged or greasy burners.

      "What can happen to burners is they can corrode over time. They are being heated up so much and cooled down that the burner can rust and corrode. Most burners can last five to eight years, but eventually they need replacement like a lot of parts on the grill," said Nelson.

      Ceramic briquettes in gas grills also need to be replaced if they become brittle or break in your hand.

      For more tips on proper grill maintenance, watch the report from Lindsay Riley.