Getting back into a workout routine: 'Starting off, you got to listen to your body'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- As the weather starts getting better, many are using the early spring sunshine to get back into their favorite outdoor activities.

      However many experts say it is best to take it slow when getting back into the work out routine.

      "It's definitely beautiful outside, people are trying to get in shape and get that summer body," Mekalu Stuart said, while breaking the winter hibernation at the gym.

      For those that have been dormant the last few months, personal trainer Sam Kiesse said that pushing yourself too hard, too soon can be dangerous.

      "Starting off, you got to listen to your body because if you do get injured it's going to be more time off, more time that you can't reach your goal. So it's best to be smart at the start and just go at a pace that your body is okay with," said Kiesse.

      Experts say it is best to find a balance between getting your best results and pushing yourself too far. If you've overworked yourself, Kiesse said the best solution is a home remedy of RICE: or Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

      Don't assume your body can do what it did last year, and if you've taken a break from exercise you should ease back into your old routine.

      "You got to be comfortable being uncomfortable," said Kiesse.

      He had a few tips for those just getting into a routine -

      Build muscle with your own body weight by doing push-ups, pull-ups and other exercises where you are moving yourself.

      Whatever you do to get in shape it's best to make it fun. That way your more likely to stick with it.

      "Keep on schedule. Even if you don't want to get out of bed, you can't have excuses," Kiesse said.