George Fox Univ. denies transgender student's descrimination complaint on being banned from living in an all-male dorm

      NEWBERG, Ore. - George Fox University issued a ruling on a transgenger student's complaint after he was denied the right to live with his friends on campus.

      The transgender student filed a complaint with the university back in April after school leaders said he couldn't live with other men on campus.

      George Fox was granted a religious exemption from the U.S. Department of Education and Jayce's complaint was denied.

      Jayce says he's disappointed with the university's decision to deny his request.

      Officials with George Fox offered Jayce the option to live on campus in a single apartment, but the student says that's not good enough.

      "I feel like I have the right to live with other males. Number two, as a person who is transgender, there is a lot of anxiety, depression that comes along with that, and I don't feel that would be right for me to live by myself," said Jayce.

      For now, Jayce is living off campus with a group of guys this fall term. He also plans to fight the university's ruling.