Gas thieves plague Albany business

      ALBANY, Ore. - Somebody keeps stealing gasoline from Dwight Wolfe's trucks.

      Wolfe runs a U-Haul rental and a lawncare service called Weed Man.

      Since Labor Day, he has lost 50 to 60 gallons of fuel. Thieves have come in and siphoned gas from his trucks 20 times in 2 months.

      In the beginning of September, he had seven burglaries in an eight day period.

      One night recently, Wolfe's camera caught three different individuals stealing gas from various trucks.

      Last week, a neighbor caught the thief in the act, but he got away before police could apprehend him.

      "They just stand there, waiting for their gas to fill up until it gets full, and then they leave," Wolfe said.

      Despite increasing patrols by the sheriff's office, the problem has continued, even when deputies are in the vicinity.

      "Burglars were in the process of stealing gas and a deputy actually pulled up, pulled into the parking lot. Because of the positioning of the truck and where he stopped, he didn't see them," Wolfe said.

      The Linn County Sheriff's Office said they will continue to patrol the area.

      In the meantime, Wolfe has started a neighborhood watch in the area.