Furloughed? Have a gyro

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Furloughed due to the government shutdown?

      Have a gyro.

      With all the federal frustration, food is bringing people together at the Gateway Mall. Mohamed Jemmali, owner of Gyros Gyros in the mall's food court, is offering up one free gyro a week to those furloughed by the shutdown.

      He says he came up with idea after the announcement of the U.S. Government shutdown Monday night.

      "I woke up in the morning feeling people's pain and I had the idea spontaneously. I'm sure that others will feel the same for people on furlough as I do," said Jemmali.

      Mohamed said all you have to do is bring in your furlough paperwork to get your hands on a free gyro.

      As for how long his offer stands, Jemmali said, "For as long as the furlough goes and I'm guessing it's not gonna last longer than a month."

      Have you seen any other creative responses to the shutdown?