Free Alzheimer's tests at pharmacy: 'The earlier you detect it, the better'

      EUGENE, Ore. -- More than five million Americans have Alzheimer's disease, according to the Alzheimer Foundation of America.

      That's why Fred Meyer is teaming up with the AFA to offer free memory screening tests. Pharmacy Manager Molly Bloom says the tests, that she calls Pre-Cog, are able to show some of the warning signs of a person's risk for the disease.

      The test itself is fairly simple.

      It starts with a few questions about a person's daily habits, like whether or not you misplace your keys. It also has a few quick tests, asking you to remember a few words, or think of as many animals as possible.

      Though the tests are simple, they can provide a person with serious health knowledge.

      "It isn't a diagnosis, we don't diagnose anyone," says Bloom. "But we let them know if they might need to see a doctor."

      Letting people know early can help them in the long run.

      "The earlier that you detect it, the better because there's medications, there's things you can do to prevent decline."

      Fred Meyer pharmacies offer the tests all year round, but Bloom says they offer them for free in the month of November.