Fourth of July: 40th Butte to Butte

      EUGENE, Ore. - The 40th annual Butte to Butte race Thursday gives runners a chance to race across Eugene from Spencer to Skinner buttes.

      The Fourth of July race also means road closures to accomodate the course. If you have to drive in Eugene on July 4, you'll want to be aware of the race route.

      The Butte to Butte starts at 8 a.m. at East 43rd Avenue and Donald Street in the Edgewood Neighborhood of South Eugene.

      The runners will proceed south on Donald to Fox Hollow, east to West Amazon, north to Hilyard, north to Amazon Parkway, north to East 19th Avenue, east to High Street and north to Cheshire Avenue, ending at Skinner Butte Park.

      People participating in the 4.5-mile walking portion of the event will start in the same location at 8:20 a.m. and head east on 43rd to Fox Hollow, after which the walkers will follow the same route as the runners.

      Eugene Police said road closures begin at 6:30 a.m. The course will be closed to vehicle traffic no later than 8 a.m.

      Eugene Police officers and volunteer course marshals will direct traffic at various intersections along the course. Vehicles will be allowed to cross the course at most cross streets as gaps in the runners permit, police said.

      However, no vehicles will be allowed to cross the course from Coburg to East 6th Avenue.

      Police estimate the full course will reopen to vehicle traffic between 10:30 and 11 a.m.

      10K Course Map

      5K Course Map