Forestry worker found murder victim's documents in fire left burning in woods

      EUGENE, Ore. - More details emerged in the aggravated murder trial of David Ray Taylor on Thursday.

      Taylor is accused of brutally murdering Eugene resident Celestino Gutierrez in August 2012.

      Prosecutors have theorized that Taylor, along with two associates, killed Gutierrez in order to use his vehicle as a getaway car for a bank robbery in Mapleton.

      On Thursday, jurors heard from some of the people who discovered evidence indicating foul play was involved in Gutierrez's disappearance.

      Andrew Moser was working for the Oregon Department of Forestry at the time.

      According to him, one of his duties was looking for illegal fires. On August 5, just two days after the victim disappeared, he found one near Crow.

      After extinguishing the flames, he told the court he noticed several documents containing the Gutierrez name.

      Moser testified he also discovered a darkened trail nearby, indicating some type of fuel path was made to ensure items burned.

      Moser contacted his boss, who reached out to law enforcement.