FootGolf? Tournament this Saturday

      LEBANON, Ore. - Saturday is Mallard Creek Golf Gourse's first ever FootGolf tournament.

      Tee times begin at 1 p.m.

      Tickets are $15 apiece and proceeds go to Special Olympics.

      This is the first FootGolf event Mallard Creek has hosted and serves as sort of the inaugural run.

      After the tournament, the new course will be open Saturdays and Tuesdays.

      So, what is FootGolf?

      It's basically the game of ball golf (same course, same idea of par 3,4,5 holes) but instead if hitting a golf ball, you kick a soccer ball to a much larger hole.

      Organizers say it's a family friendly way to get people on the golf course.

      It's also an easier sport to pick up, and it's cheaper than golf. It also doesn't take as long: a hole can be played in about 10 minutes.

      Anyone is welcome to this weekend's tournament, and after they'll have live music and snacks.